Best Basic English MCQs With Answers

basic english mcqs with answers

Basic English MCQs with answers refer to a set of multiple-choice questions that test one’s understanding of fundamental concepts and rules of the English language. These questions cover a range of topics such as grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and error detection. The answers to these English MCQs are also provided, making them a useful resource for anyone seeking to improve their English language skills or preparing for an English language proficiency test.” Pakmcqs English ” is a website or platform that offers a variety of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on the English language. Pakmcqs offers MCQs on other subjects as well, such as General Knowledge, Mathematics, and Science. These English MCQs with answers for NTS Test to get high marks.

Basic English MCQs With Answers for NTS Lets Get Started

  1. The impression of kreston on seeing the inside of the house was __.
    A. Disgusted
    B. Delighted
    C. Callous
    D. Sorrowful
  2. The spaceship landed in Mrs. Spelding’s __.
    A. Rose garden
    B. Petunia bed
    C. Greenhouse
    D. Vegetable
  3. Kreton mistakenly thought that he had come to earth in the __.
    A. 19th-century
    B. 18th century
    C. 21st century
    D. 20th century
  4. The first person who arrived to investigate the spaceship was
    A. Laurent
    B. Powers
    C. Neighbor
    D. President of the United States
  5. Kreton said people on his planet _.
    A. Did not speak
    B. Did not fight
    C. Did not die
    D. Did not love
Here are given four alternatives of active/passive voice for the given sentences.
The candidate is required to mark the one which is correct in the answer sheet:
  1. Help me in this matter.
    A. Let me be help by you in this matter
    B. Let me to be helped by you in this matter
    C. Let me to help by you in this matter
    D. Let me be helped by you in this matter
  2. She has been given a notice by the principle.’
    A. The principle had given her a notice.
    B. The principle has given her notice.
    C. The principle gives her a notice.
    D. The principle gave her a notice.
  3. Seethe
    A. Be very angry
    B. Avoid
    C. Be happy
    D. Aggravate
  4. Giddy
    A. Off-balance
    B. Level headed
    C. Calm
    D. Serious
  5. Unctuous
    A. Fake
    B. Excellence
    C. Blunt
    D. Genuine
  6. sordid
    a. filthy
    b. vanish
    c. clean
    d. decent
  7. savage
    a. peaceful
    b. polite
    c. tame
    d. barbarous
  8. the last night I happened to see an interesting show at TV.
    a. last night
    b. to see
    c. at
    d. no error
  9. He ranks as one of the most silly people on the planet.
    a. ranks
    b. most silly
    c. on
    d. no error
  10. none of the candidates has brought their copies in examination.
    a. candidates
    b. their
    c. in
    d. no error
  11. you and I was not good friend before nor can we now.
    a. was
    b. friends
    c. now
    d. no error
  12. where _ the car?
    a. did you park
    b. did you parked
    c. parked you
    d. you parked
  13. when I was in Kashmir. I _ Neelam valley and Sharda.
    a. visited
    b. was visited
    c. have visited
    d. had visited
  14. the patient was crying continuously, he has died before the doctor reached.
    a. was crying
    b. had died
    c. the
    d. no error
  15. the continuous emission of carbon dioxide has seriously affect ozone layer.
    a. emission
    b. has
    c. affect
    d. no error

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