Basic English MCQs with answers

English mcqs with answers
English mcqs with answers

English MCQs – Improve your English skills with these challenging multiple-choice questions. Test your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and with these interactive English MCQs. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, these online English MCQs quiz will help you build your language skills and confidence and also help you in Fpsc, Nts, MCAT, Ppsc, FAST, BCAT, job, exams, and other tests. here you will find the best English Multiple choice questions. So why wait? Try out these English MCQs and see how you measure your English knowledge!

Basic English MCQs with Answers lets start

Note: Choose the correct Antonym MCQs.

  1. Warm-hearted
    A. Kind
    B. Loving
    C. Affectionate
    D. Hard-hearted
    Correct Answer: Hard-hearted
  2. Overnight
    A. Suddenly
    B. Spiritually
    C. Slowly
    D. Devoutly
    Correct Answer: Slowly
  3. Violence
    A. Rampage
    B. Peacefulness
    C. Satisfaction
    D. Gloom
    Correct Answer: Peacefulness
  4. Sadden
    A. Gladden
    B . Grieve
    C. Harsh
    D. Gentle
    Correct Answer: Gladden

Note: Choose the correct Synonym MCQs

  1. severe
    Correct Answer: Stern
  2. dignified
    Correct Answer: Noble
  3. originator
    Correct Answer: Founder
  4. rarely
    Correct Answer: Seldom

Note: Choose the correct preposition MCQs.

  1. when he looked down __ the crowds were still cheering.
    C. Onto
    Correct Answer: On
  2. it was___Lahore___March 1940., at, in, on, on
    Correct Answer: At, on
  3. The name Pakistan has invented ____1953___Choudhary Rehmat Ali.
    A.on, by
    B.on, with, by, with
    Correct Answer: In, by
  4. A shining silver aircraft was circling ___the airport.
    Correct Answer: Over
  5. once the decision is taken stand____it as one man.
    Correct Answer: By

Note: Choose the correct word English MCQs.

  1. First to step out of the airplane was a tall and very dignified ____man.
    B. Older
    C. Elder
    D. Elderly
    Correct Answer: Elderly
  2. Seventy million people ____once had no country to call their own had overnight become a nation.
    A. Who
    B. Whom
    C. Whose
    D. That
    Correct Answer: Who
  3. They agreed not to accept any plan______failed to give Muslims an independent state.
    A. Who
    B. Which
    C. Whose
    D. Whom
    Correct Answer: Which
  4. As soon as he appeared the whole crowd roared with one_____.
    A. Vice
    B. Wise
    C. Voice
    D. Vise
    Correct Answer: Voice
  5. At the time of its establishment, Pakistan became the _____of Muslim states.
    A. Great
    B. Greater
    C. Greatest
    D. Greatly
    Correct Answer: Greatest

Note: Error detection English MCQs:

  1. He spent all his time at his desk writing to Muslim League workers.
    A. Him
    B. His
    C. Writing
    D. Workers
    Correct Answer: Him
  2. Throughout the war years, he was a very sickly man.
    A. Throughout
    B. He
    C. Very
    D. Sickly
    Correct Answer: Sickly

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