1st Year Biology Chapter 3 Enzymes MCQs

1st Year Biology Chapter 3 Enzymes MCQs

1st Year Biology Chapter 3 Enzymes MCQs of Sindh Textbook Board

1st Year Biology Chapter 3 Enzymes MCQs – refers to a set of multiple-choice questions related to the topic of enzymes in the third chapter of a first-year biology Sindh textbook board course. Enzymes are biological catalysts that are essential for many biochemical reactions in living organisms. The Enzymes MCQs likely cover topics such as enzyme structure and function, enzyme regulation, enzyme kinetics, and the role of enzymes in metabolism. These types of questions are commonly used in assessments to evaluate a student’s understanding of the topic and their ability to apply the concepts learned in class and get high marks in any medical. enzymes MCQs class 11 are the most important topic to get success in university entrance tests. These Enzymes MCQs are important for medical universities entrance tests you must learn this topic deeply to increase your chance to get high marks test.

Enzymes MCQs class 11 Let’s Get Started

  1. The biocatalysts which are synthesized inside the cells are termed?
    a. allozymes
    b. co-enzymes
    c. enzymes
    d. none of these
  2. The word enzyme was coined by?
    a. wilhelm kuhne
    b. william john
    c. R.hook
    d. Euler
  3. The term enzyme was 1st used in?
    a. 1875
    b. 1878
    c. 1879
    d. 1890
  4. what will happen if enzymes are taken out of a living system?
    a. metabolic reactions stop
    b. death of organism occurs
    c. vital functions ceased
    d. all of these
  5. enzymes are __ substances
    a. organic
    b. inorganic
    c. physical
    d. none of these
  6. Enzymes mostly are __ in nature.
    a. non-protein
    b. protein
    c. physical
    d. all of these
  7. How do enzymes dramatically increase the rate of a chemical reaction?
    a. by increasing the reactivity of the reaction
    b. by decreasing the energy of activation
    c. by modifying substrate shape
    d. all of these
  8. In a chemical reaction enzymes are required in?
    a. moderate quantities
    b. Huge quantities
    c. small quantities
    d. Different for different quantities
  9. what are activators?
    a. molecules that increase enzyme activity
    b. molecules which decrease enzymes activity
    c. molecules which sometimes increase and sometimes decrease activity
    d. all of these can be true
  10. If an enzyme acts in the same cells where they are synthesized then they are known as a?
    a. inter-cellular
    b. intra-cellular
    c. Exoenzyme
    d. non of the following
  11. Exoenzymes are also known as?
    A. Extracellular enzyme
    B. Endo enzyme
    C. Intracellular enzyme
    D. Mixed enzymes
  12. During and after the reaction the enzymes chemically remain?
    A. Changed
    B. Decreased
    C. Unchanged
    D. Increased
  13. In words enzyme, what is the meaning of zyme?
    A. Virus
    B. Yeast
    C. Bacteria
    D. Amoeba
  14. What is the meaning of the statement that enzymes are substrate specific?
    A. They act on various substrates
    B. They act on a common substrate
    C. They act on a specific substrate
    D. All of these
  15. The size of the enzyme molecule is __ than the substrate.
    A. Small
    B. Larger
    C. Equal
    D. None of these
  16. The groove of a specific shape in an enzyme molecule is termed a?
    A. Active site
    B. Passive site
    D. Allosteric site
  17. The key lock model was approved by?
    A. Kinley in 1898
    B. Lamark in 1898
    C. Fischer in 1898
    D. Koshland in 1888
  18. The induced fit model was approved by __ in 1959.
    A. D D woods
    B. H.G wells
    C. Fischer
    D. Kosh land
  19. A particular enzyme can react with particular substrates. This theory was modified by Paul Felder and?
    A. Koshland
    B. D d woods
    C. De Duve
    D. Palade
  20. In 1980 Thomas Cech and Sidney Altman discovered that certain molecules of ribonucleic acid works like enzyme are termed as?
    A. Apozymes
    B. Allozymes
    C. Ribozymes
    D. Holo enzymes

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