Telegram Login Problem in Problem

In this tutorial we discus major issues for that you are facing login problem in your telegram app or you not receive OTP Code means you have Telegram OTP Problem. So here are some steps for solving your telegram login problem or OTP Code problem.

Basic Troubleshooting you must apply

  1. Check Internet Connection whether internet is connected or not:
    • Ensure you have a fast and an active internet connection.
    • On and off AirPlane Mode or Switch between Wi-Fi & mobile data.
  2. Update the Telegram App:
    • Update to the latest version of the Telegram app.
    • Check for latest updates in the Google Play Store /Apple App Store.
  3. Restart Your phone:
    • Sometimes a simple restart can fix the connectivity problem in telegram app and more chances to fix telegram connecting problem.
  4. Clear Cache and Data:
    • Go to your phone’s settings to do some changes.
    • Find Telegram under the list of apps and click on telegram app.
    • Clear Telegram app cache and data.
    • Keep in mind that clearing data will logout you, so ensure you have your login credentials i-e User name email or phone number and password.
  5. Verify Your Number:
    • Make sure you are entering the correct phone number with correct country code.
    • your number must be active and can receive OTP Code through SMS or calls for verification.
  6. Contact Support:
    • If you’re still unable to login in your telegram app then contact Telegram support through their support page or through their official Twitter account.

Advanced Steps you must try:

  1. Reinstall Telegram App:
    • Uninstall the Telegram app and Re-Install from play store or app store.
    • Try logging in again.
  2. Try a Different Device or phone:
    • Attempt to log in using a different device to see that the occurs in or not in device.
  3. Web Version:
    • Use Telegram Web to log in & check if the issue is specific to the mobile app.
  4. Telegram Not Available in Pakistan: If you are from Pakistan and want to use Telegram App than you have to Download and Install app then you can easily use Telegram app in Pakistan.

If you cant install app than you can use following Telegram proxies freely just click to connect proxy.

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