English MCQs part 1

English MCQs – are here for students. this is part 1 English series explore the English section to get more English multiple-choice questions that can help you in your career.
These English Quiz questions are used to test your knowledge and understanding of the English language, including grammar, vocabulary, error detection capability, and prepositions, The Quiz pattern of English MCQs allows for quick and efficient assessment of a candidate’s proficiency in the language. Pak MCQs English posts will help students and job seekers who want to get high marks in multiple tests like STS, NTS, and other tests.

English MCQs Let’s Get Started

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Choose the correct Antonym.

1. Rickety.


2. Exceptional.


3. Tether.


4. Inflammable


Choose the correct synonym.

5. Gigantic


6. Hurtling


7. Spectacular.


8. Aloft



9. He fell_________ the cat in the dark room.


10. The rat was killed ________  Tom _______ a big stick.


11. She succeeds ______ her wildest hopes.


12. Mother was pouring ______ the tea When I entered the room.


Error detection:

13. The chauffeur is driving the car too fast when the accident occurred.


14. People eat more rice then flour in Burma.


15. A police constable arrested the burglar just before dawn.


16. The doctor has just operated on him the hospital.


Note: choose the correct option.

17. Our carefully made plans all feel through. The underlined phrase means.


18. I know of _______ near here.


19. The tea_________ fantastic.


20. She _______ TV every morning.


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