NTS English MCQs with answers Online Test

NTS English MCQs with answers
NTS English MCQs with answers

NTS English MCQs – Are you looking for high-quality NTS English MCQs with answers? Look no further websites! Our Pakmmcqs offers a wide variety of English MCQs with Answers that are perfect for students and professionals preparing for NTS exams and other multiple-choice question-based tests. Our MCQs cover a variety of topics, including grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and more English MCQs for NTS. All of our questions come with detailed explanations, so you can learn and understand the material. With our English MCQs, you will be well-prepared for your NTS exam and ready to succeed In your dream job.
In addition to the comprehensive selection of NTS English MCQs with Answers that we offer, we also provide a student-friendly platform that makes it very easy for you to study and practice self-knowledge. You can filter our questions by difficulty level and topic, and check your progress as you go. Plus+, PAK MCQss are always up-to-date and based on the latest NTS syllabus with NTS MCQs, so you can be confident that you’re studying the right material. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, our English MCQs are the perfect tool for improving your English language skills and ace your NTS exams.

NTS English MCQs with answers let’s Start..

  1. We have got a _ playground near our house.
    A. Great
    B. Greater
    C. Big
    D. Bigger
    Correct Answer: Big
  2. She had shown a __ improvement.
    A. Small
    B. Great
    C. Greater
    D. Large
    Correct Answer: Great
  3. Sometimes we make _ mistakes, but don’t realize them.
    A. Small
    B. Great
    C. Greater
    D. Large
    Correct Answer: Great
  4. I’m afraid, my brother has got rather _ fingers.
    A. Tall
    B. Big
    C. Large
    D. Both b and c
    Correct Answer: Both b and c
  5. Which is the __ city of Pakistan.
    A. Large
    B. Big
    C. Largest
    D. Tallest
    Correct Answer: Largest
  6. There was a _ confusion about the date.
    A. Great
    B. Big
    C. Bigger
    D. Larger
    Correct Answer: Great
  7. She feels __ excitement among us.
    A. Big
    B. Great
    C. Large
    D. Tall
    Correct Answer: Great
  8. Which is the __ building of the world.
    A. Biggest
    B. Tallest
    C. Largest
    D. Highest
    Correct Answer: Tallest
  9. We have a very __ tree in our garden.
    A. Large
    B. Big
    C. Tall
    D. Great
    Correct Answer: Tall
  10. How _ is your brother?
    A. Big
    B. Taller
    C. Tall
    D. High
    Correct Answer: Tall
  11. Napoleon was standing just _ away from the battlefield.
    A. A mile
    B. Half-mile
    C. Two miles
    D. Three miles
    Correct Answer: A mile
  12. He had his _ wide, hands locked behind and thrush out.
    A. Feet, head
    B. Legs, neck
    C. Hair, head
    D. None of these
    Correct Answer: Legs, neck
  13. He thought about his plans that may_____.
    A. Sour
    B. Fail
    C. Succeed
    D. Fall
    Correct Answer: Fail
  14. The name of the commander of Napoleon’s army was_____.
    A. Marshal
    B. Lannes
    C. Alexander
    D. None of these
    Correct Answer: Lannes
  15. He kept his _ compressed, scarce any blood came through.
    A. Hands
    B. Mouth
    C. Lips
    D. Legs
    Correct Answer: Lips
  16. Anon means: answer __
    A. Very late
    B. Lately
    C. Very early
    D. Very soon
    Correct Answer: Very soon
  17. ‘You’re’ wounded!’ ‘Nay, I am_____ sire’.
    A. Gone
    B. Killed
    C. Finished
    D. Recovered
    Correct Answer: Killed
  18. The poem Abu Ben Adhem is written by __.
    A. Coventry Patmore
    B. Robert Browning
    C. Leigh Hunt
    D. None of these
    Correct Answer: Leigh Hunt
  19. Abu, Awoke one night from a deep dream of _.
    A. Night
    B. Moon night
    C. Starry night
    D. Peace
    Correct Answer: Peace
  20. ‘The name of those who love the lord’ are these words uttered by __.
    A. Vision
    B. Angel
    C. Abu
    D. Both a and b
    Correct Answer: Both a and b
  21. The synonym of nonchalance is:
    A. Difference
    B. Indifference
    C. Gloom
    D. Somberness
    Correct Answer: Indifference
  22. The synonym of lurid is _.
    A. Wide
    B. Shallow
    C. Sensational
    D. Ocular
    Correct Answer: Sensational
  23. The synonym of __ is praise.
    A. Lad
    B. Laud
    C. Wasteful
    D. Expostulation
    Correct Answer: Laud
  24. The Antonym of luxuriant is _.
    A. Fertile
    B. Abundant
    C. Lethargic
    D. Infertile
    Correct Answer: Infertile
  25. The Antonym of _ is enhance.
    A. Pervade
    B. Reduce
    C. Mitigate
    D. Expose
    Correct Answer: Mitigate

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