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A mock test provides a close and actual test experience including the pattern and content of a real test. if you conduct the online are offline mock test before the true test for any type of test then you will quickly identify your own weakness and strength and then you will improve your performance. By taking mock exams, individuals can develop their test-taking skills and boost their confidence, resulting in better performance on the exam. Research has also shown that those who take mock papers get better marks than other students.

This online mock test is specially designed for candidates who want to get high marks in the IBA screening test BPS 5 to 15 STS test as well as this mock test for university of Sindh and NTS students who want to crack the entrance test. this mock test free for all students.

This mock test is based on multiple-choice questions.

These MCQs cover the following subjects.

  1. English MCQs
  2. GK MCQs / PAK GK MCQs
  3. Everyday science MCQS
  4. Computer MCQs
  5. Mathematics MCQs
  6. Islamiyat MCQs

This test contains 100 MCQs of the above subjects each question has one mark and there is no negative marking for wrong answers. Read the questions carefully and choose the correct answers for all 100 MCQs at the end of the test click on submit button then you will get your score with a complete report of correct and wrong answers.
Take time, choose the best option, and jump to the next level.

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Section OF English MCQs


The Quaid was over seventy, worn out with his lifetime of struggle and by his growing illness. This last year of his life was made sad by the fate of Kashmir, the ‘k’ in Pakistan. The news that Hindu Maharaja was taking his Muslim subjects away from Pakistan the nation to which they certainly wanted to belong was fearful below to him. buy now he was too weak and too tired to fight many more.

1. Worn out means


2. Term subjects in this passage means


Passage two
Older people often affirm that the modern world is suffering from too much entertainment. Or at least from too much ready-made entertainment. Instead of doing things for ourselves, the tendency nowadays is to sit and listen to or watch a few artists and athletes doing things for us. The gramophone, the radio, the cinema, and television are recent inventions in the modern world. Modern world means of travel, too, have made it possible for large numbers of people to assemble in one place at one time to watch open-air sporting events. Is this altogether a good thing? In the old days, people had to provide their own amusements.

3. According to the author the  pattern of entertainment changed because of:

I. Old people’s views about modern entertainment
II. Navel inventions.
III. People are becoming lazy.
IV. Modern means of invention


4. It can be inferred from the passage that old people are:


5. Affirm means:


Passage three
Read the below passage and answer the questions.
Young people must be educated in modern scientific methods and mental attitudes. Without this education, they will be unable to comprehend the complexities of the contemporary world. But they can’t be good citizens of the world, or of their own national state unless they are intellectually and imaginatively of the values which underlie human beliefs, motives, and conduct. During this tumultuous time in human history, the education of individuals who contribute positively to society requires a balance of religion, humanities, and science.

6. “tumultuous time of human history” refers to:


7.  “Incomprehensible” can best be replaced by:

Spot the Error from the following sentences.

8. The threat of the storm caused Ahmed to delay his flight to Lahore to visit their family on Eid.


9.  Between a train and an airplane, an airplane is the fastest and more reliable way to travel.


10.  A powerful jolt of the earthquake has  Damaged every building, so nothing’s in its place.


11. Many people have great ideas, but without plans, those ideas are just harmless notions.


12. We go to the zoo often, where we saw all sorts of birds and other animals.


13. A geese has a long neck and is considered to be a wild animal.


14. The shopping mall, that we used to go, to has been closed down temporarily.


15. As soon as the bell rang, every student of the school left their bags on the ground and ran out.



16. Onerous


17. Unprecedented


18. Gravest


19. Elite


20. Thrilled


21. Dejected


22. Embarrassed


23. Adequate


24. Creepy


25. Sneak



26. He fell ____ the dog in the dark room.


27. The rat was killed ____ tom _____ a big stick.


28. She succeeds _____ her wildest hopes.


29. Mother was pouring ____ the tea When I entered the room.


30. Aslam is _____ finishing college next year.


Spelling check ✔️

31. Choose the correct spelling


32. Choose the correct answer.


33. Find the correct spelled word.


34. Find the miss spelled word.


35. Find the correct spelling.


Section Of Mathematics MCQs

36. Find the value of the expression z3+2+5=2


37. Solve the following equation (x-1)(y+3) = (1-y) for y.


38. The sum of a number z, such that z is greater than 1, and its reciprocal is equal to 10/3. Find the z.


38. What is the remainder when 216 is divided by 8?


39. The square root of 169 is:


40. If X = z (z – 1)2 and z = 3 then X =


41. What is the probability of getting a sum of  9 from two throws of dice?


42. When 3 coins are tossed then the total number of outcomes is.


43. d/dx (cosx) =?


44. If f(X) = x-³, then f’ (X) = ?


45. If r < 0 and (4r-4)² = 36, what is the value of r?


46. What percent of 4 is ⅔ of 8?


47. There are nine km for each five miles. If a person drives his car for 450 km, how many miles, did he travel?


48.  4/3 of a number is 22, what is 8/3 of that number:


49. What is the greatest number of rectangles with integer slide lengths and a perimeter of 10 that can be cut from a piece of paper with a width of 24 and length of 60?


50. The first term of a certain sequence is 5. If every term after the first term is 3 less than 2 times the term immediately preceding it, what is the difference between the third and fourth terms?

Section Of GK MCQs / PAK GK MCQs & everyday science MCQS

51. The foreign phrase De facto means.


52. Who is the founder of Taoism?


53. Which country of the following countries is known as “Mistress of the sea”?


54. Which is the deepest ocean in the world?


55. Gaza is a famous city of.


56. The earth takes about _____ to complete one rotation around its axis.


57.  ‘BSS’ is the news agency of.


58. Which city is the oldest inhabited capital in the world?


59. AISE is the secret agency of


60. _____ is a runner-up in the FIFA world cup 2022.


61. recently Which neighbor country issued a notice to Pakistan seeking modification of the Indus Waters Treaty?


62. Who is the Current interim Chief Minister of Punjab appointed by the election commission of Pakistan?


63. Who conquered Punjab in 1800?


64. Which of the following most famous king of Kashmir


65. “Myth of independence” was written by:


66. Which of the following is a latitude of Sindh province


67. The deepest place of Pakistan is


68. How many rivers flow in Sindh?


69. Which of the following is the old name of Hyderabad?


70. Karachi to Quetta road is called _____.


71. _____ is an Essential gas for humans.


72. The biggest species of the cat family is:


73. Which of these is not a region of the spinal cord?


74. A shooting star is


75. Light year is related to:


76. Choose the correct meaning of word ceramic:


77. Our sun is classified as


78. Chromosomes are made up of:


79. Silver fish belongs to:


80. Lemon contains vitamin ____.


Section Of Computer MCQs

81. The minimum number of bits required to store hexadecimal number AF is


82. Communication satellites are in


83. RAM of computer refers to:


84. Flutter framework develops by ____.


85. PDF stand for:


86. Windows 11 released in ____.


87. ___ + _____ keys used for selecting all.


88. In which of the below is not a programming language?


89. LAN stand for;


90. PNG is the most popular file format of ______.


Section Of Islamiyat MCQs

91. In Which of the following surah is called ‘Aroos-ul-Quran’


92. Who was the person who converted the Kaaba into an idol in the age of ignorance?


93. By what name is the famous Muslim scientist Ibn Rushd remembered in Europe?


94. At whose house was the Majlis Shura meeting held?


95. What are the Surahs from Surah Yasin to Surah Qaf called?


96. River Indus flows in


97. The second name K-2 is ____.


98. The water of _____ is the most saline.


99. The noble prize is not given since 1949 in____.


100. Which one of the following was not a poet of the Italian Renaissance?


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