basic English MCQs with answers

Basic English MCQs with Answers

Basic English MCQs with answers are here to Test your English skills with our basic multiple-choice questions and answers. Mostly these MCQs are based on error detection and synonyms. So polish your knowledge with our basic English MCQs with answers and Get ready to test your understanding effectively. Improve your English skills with this helpful collection of informative basic English MCQs with solutions. this informative multiple-choice question will help you in your career as well as job tests and NTS, STS, MDCAT, and many other tests as well. So prepare yourself for these Basic English MCQs with answers.

Basic English MCQs with Answers Let’s Get Started

  1. Hey! watch out the car is coming.
    a. hay
    b. watch out
    c. the
    d. car is coming
    Correct Answer: hay
  2. the lake freezed rapidly
    a. the
    b. lake
    c. freezed
    d. rapidly
    Correct Answer: freezed
  3. we bought a japnee printer yesterday
    a. we
    b. a
    c. japnee
    d. yesterday
    Correct Answer: japnee
  4. the vehicles were running fastly on the road.
    a. the vehicles were running
    b. fastly
    c. on
    d. the
    Correct Answer: fastly
  5. The smoking is harmful for health.
    a. the
    b. is
    c. harmful
    d. for
    Correct Answer: for
  6. I shall not come unless you don’t call me.
    a. not come
    b. unless
    c. don’t
    d. me
    Correct Answer: don’t
  7. I congratulate you for your success.
    a. congratulate
    b. for
    c. your
    d. success
    Correct Answer: for
  8. The committee have issued an agreement.
    a. the
    b. have
    c. issued
    d. an
    Correct Answer: have
  9. we are discussing about this question.
    a. are discussing
    b. about
    c. this
    d. question
    Correct Answer: about
  10. This is one of the book I have read.
    a. this
    b. one of
    c. book
    d. I have read
    Correct Answer: book
  11. _ has not anything more __ to show than that scene.
    a. land, beautiful
    b. Earth, fare
    c. England, Beauty
    d. Earth, fair
    Correct Answer: Earth, fair
  12. Anyone who just crosses here and does not stop would be __.
    a. gloomy
    b. heartless
    c. dull
    d. Duller
    Correct Answer: dull
  13. ‘The city doth like a _. wear’ ‘The beauty of morning silent.
    a. cloth, sheer
    b. fabric, bear
    c. canvas, clear
    d. Garment, bare
    Correct Answer: Garment, bare
  14. ‘ships, towers,, theatre and temples_.
    a. Tombs, sleep
    b. Domes, lie
    c. places, Slumber
    d. none of thesse
    Correct Answer: Domes, lie
  15. Every sight wwas looking fresh and washed in the smokeless____.
    a. Atmosphere
    b. Factories
    c. Air
    d. cool air
    Correct Answer: Air
  16. The says that he had never felt such calm so _.
    a. serene
    b. deep
    c. Refreshing
    d. both b and c
    Correct Answer: Deep
  17. ‘The river __ on its own sweet will’.
    a. moves
    b. flows
    c. Glideth
    d. creeps
    Correct Answer: Glideth
  18. ‘Who never to himself hath said,
    ‘This is my __ land’.
    a. Own
    b. Native
    c. Dear
    d. Lovely
    Correct Answer: Native
  19. In Spite of his titles, power, and wealth, some unfortunate ones remain_____.
    a. Busy
    b. True
    c. Faithful
    d. Selfish
    Correct Answer: Selfish
  20. Indeed such people die a _ death, _, unhonoured and unsung.
    a. Great, Unknown
    b. Double, Unwept
    c. Several, unpopular
    d. none of these
    Correct Answer: Double, Unwept
  21. The synonym of carping is __.
    a. Adore
    b. Find fault
    c. Galvanize
    d. Coin
    Correct Answer: Find fault
  22. The synonym of corrode is __.
    a. Destroy
    b. Developed
    c. Finding fault
    d. prioritize
    Correct Answer: Destroy
  23. Innate means? Ans: __.
    a. Harmless
    b. Born
    c. Inborn
    d. Agile
    Correct Answer: Inborn
  24. The opposite of concur is _.
    a. Agree
    b. compromise
    c. Vaporize
    d. Disagree
    Correct Answer: Disagree
  25. The opposite of capricious is _.
    a. fickle
    b. Momentary
    c. Orthodox
    d. Unorthodox
    Correct Answer: Orthodox

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