MCQs on everyday science for STS BPS 5 to 15

MCQs Of Everyday science

MCQs on everyday science – are here to Challenge yourself and test your general understanding of everyday science with this collection of informative Multiple Choice Questions. This set of MCQs for everyday science covers a wide range of different topics including physics MCQs, chemistry multiple-choice questions, biology MCQs, and earth science. These MCQs of everyday science are helpful for students, teachers, and also those who are preparing for BPS 5 to 15 anyone with an interest in science, these MCQs of everyday science will help you to improve your knowledge.

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What are plants growing on other plants called as?


What is the number of bones in the human body?


What is the term used for water loss from leaves through stomata?


The deficiency of vitamin C in the human body causes a deficiency disease called.


Chemicals used to eliminate weeds are referred to as.


What are the different types of structures present in the cytoplasm called as?


The telephone was invented in 1876 in America.


The sensitive layer of specialized nerve cells, the rod, and cones in the human eye are called as.


Polyamides, also known as synthetic polymers, are commonly used


The structure of DNA elaborated by Watson and crick and in which year it was described by them??


IBM stands for.


Information can be stored in.


What instrument is used to measure the specific gravity of milk?


In what form can information be sent over long distances?


Erythrocytes are also called as.


One of the fundamental characteristics of living organisms is called as.


As per habit, the squirrels are.


Computer can.


The study of how plants and animals interact with one and another with the non-living environment is called as


Man belongs to the family.


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