Best Physics Quiz For Class 11

Physics Quiz For Class 11

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physics quiz for class 11,

Physics quiz for class 11 is here to challenge this comprehensive physics quiz and is very informative for Class 11 students to Test their knowledge and sharpen their skills to get the best grade possible and Find out how much you have knowledge about physics with this challenging quiz for Class 11 students. Are you an aspiring physicist? if yes you can practice these physics multiple choice questions to get high marks in class tests as well as other exams like NTS, STS BPS 5 to 15, MDCAT, and other MCQs-based tests.

Note for this Physics Quiz

  1. There are 20 best multiple-choice questions check out for more pakphysics mcqs
  2. Answers to the MCQs will change randomly when you refresh the browser.
  3. End of the Test you can submit the test then you can see your score/marks and Grad.

Physics Quiz Let’s Get Started.

1. 1. The acceleration is a _____ quantity.


2. 2. The rate of decrease of velocity is called ____?


3. 3. There are _____ laws of motion.


4. 4. The property of a body which opposes any change in its state of motion or rest is called.


5. 5. Newton’s first law is also called.


6. 6. Newton’s first law of motion gives us the idea of.


7. 7. Second law of motion is also known as.


8. 8. The equation of the second law of motion is.


9. 9. If the mass of the body is 20g and it produces an acceleration of 4m/s² then find the value of force.


10. 10. If a force of 50 N is applied on a body whose mass is 5 kg then find the amount of an acceleration?


11. 11. According to third law of motion ” To every action, there is always an equal but _____ reaction”.


12. 12. ____ is defined as a product of mass and velocity.


13. 13. We can write the formula of momentum ____.


14. 14. The S.I. unit of momentum is ____.


15. 15. The _____ force is a force which acts on a body for very short name.


16. 16. The unit of impulse is.


17. 17. Force of ______  is proportional to the normal reaction.


18. 18. The distance traveled by a body in one second is called.


19. 19. Laws of motion are not valid in a system that is.


20. 20. The force acting on a body of mass of 10 kg falling under gravity is.


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