Pakistan general knowledge MCQs with answers

pakistan general knowledge mcqs with answers

Pakistan general knowledge MCQs with answers

Pakistan general knowledge MCQs with answers are here to challenge your general knowledge about Pakistan with this informative set of multiple-choice questions! we cover multiple topics like history, constitution, provinces, and many more topics regarding Pakistan. This post contains 20 multiple-choice questions each question has 4 options you can select one correct option each question has 1 mark there are no negative marks. so practice these Pak gk MCQs and increase the probability of getting high marks in the class tests as well as other job tests. These Pakistan general knowledge MCQs with answers are more helpful who want to pass the exam of Pak Army job exam and other general tests. So Brush up on your Pakistan-related knowledge with these interactive MCQs with answers See how well you do and take pride in knowing more about the vibrant country of Pakistan. if you are passionate about Pakistan General knowledge MCQs with answers and you want to know about world events you can explore our website to get high-quality and authentic knowledge in the form of quizzes and multiple-choice questions.

Pakistan General Knowledge MCQs with Answers let’s Get started.

1. Cease fire Line between Pakistan and India was established on _____ Jan 1949.


2. Liaqat Ali khan took Oath of PM ( prime minister of Pakistan) from the


3. The first constituent assembly of Pakistan lasted for ____ years.


4. Pakistan was an Islamic Republic in the year.


5. ____ members were taken from the west wing of Pakistan.


6. Who is the author of the book, ‘Friends Not Master’?


7. _____ members were taken from the east wing of Pakistan.


8. Islam was declared as the “state Religion” in the Pakistan’s constitution of ____.


9. Pakistan’s foreign policy is the safeguarding of its sovereignty, security, and ______.


10. The supreme court of Pakistan is comprised of


11. In Pakistan, the constitution has been abrogated.


12. The constitution of 1956 of Pakistan consisted of _____ articles.


13. The constitution of 1962 of Pakistan consisted of _____ articles.


14. Name of person who assassinated Liaquat Ali khan?


15. Who was convicted in Rawalpindi conspiracy case?


16. From which of the country purchased Gawader?


17. The Pakistan forest institute, a national organization was established in _____.


18. Earthquake of Oct 2005 was the result of.


19. The process of nationalization began in.


20.  State of swat included in Pakistan?


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