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physics mcqs for class 10

Simple Harmonic Motion MCQs Class 10

If you are looking for simple harmonic motion MCQs specifically for Class 10 Physics students then you are at the right platform. Pak MCQs is a website that provides every subject with multiple choice questions like physics MCQs for class 10 and many other classes and subjects MCQs for preparation of MDACT, ECAT, NTS, STS, medical, Engineering universities entrance tests as well as for job preparation. physics MCQs for class 10 with answers pdf sindh board will help you to get high marks in upcoming exams and Strengthen your grasp of the basic principles of simple harmonic motion through our considerable collection of physics MCQs designed to cover the curriculum needs of Class 10 of sindh/Punjab/KPK and federal board textbook. These multiple choice questions from physics class 10 chapter 10 in the Sindh textbook boost your preparation with targeted MCQs of important topics which are in chapter 10 covers, our simple harmonic motion MCQs for Class 10 with answers will be beneficial for you in every test and board exam.

Physics MCQs For Class 10 Let’s Get Started

1 The load versus extension graph for four strings of the same material is shown in the figure. Does the line represent the thickest spring?

a) OD
b) OB
c) OC
d) OA

2 The particle executes a simple harmonic motion of time period T. Find the time taken by the particle to go directly from its mean position to the amplitude
(a) T / 18
(b) T / 4.
(c) T / 2
(d) T / 6

3 The graph shows the behavior of a length of wire in the region for which the substance obeys Hook’s law. P and Q represent

(a) P = applied force, Q = extension
(b) P = extension, Q = applied force
(c) P = extension, Q = stored elastic energy
(d) P = stored elastic energy, Q = extension

4 The spring’s force constant does not depend on its
(a) Nature of the material
(b) length of the Spring
(c) the radius of the spring.
(d) None of the above

5 Which one of the following substances is more elastic
(a) Rubber
(b) Glass
(c) Steel
(d) Copper

6 If a spring is extended to length l, then according to Hook’s law

7 The units of Young‘s modulus of elasticity are
(b) N-m

8 According to Hook’s law force is proportional to
(c) x

9 If F= 0.08 N and x= 4cm then K=:
a) 6 Nm−1
b) 4 Nm−1
c) 8 Nm−1
d) 2 Nm−1

10 A full rotation of the vibrating body is called::
a) Time period
b Amplitude
c) Vibration
d) Frequency

11 The time required to complete one vibration is called:
a) Time period
b) Frequency
c) Time period
d) Velocity

12 The force which opposes the applied force producing the displacement in the spring is

a) Restoring force
b) Periodic force
c) Centripetal force
d) Resistive force

13 Simple harmonic motion is a type of:
a) Rotational motion
b) Circular motion
c) Musical arrangement
d) Vibratory motion

14 The distance of the vibrating body at any instant from its equilibrium position is called
a) Displacement
b) Frequency
c) Amplitude
d) Time period

15 SI unit of frequency is:
a) Radian
b) ms−1
c) Hertz
d) Meter

16 The product of time period and frequency is:
a) Zero
b) 1
c) π
d) None of these

17 For a body executing S.H.M, its
a) Momentum remains constant
b) Potential energy remains constant
c) Kinetic energy remains constant
d) Total energy remains constant

18 Which of the following is simple harmonic motion?
(a) Earth spinning about its own axis
(b) Particle moving in a circle with uniform speed
(c) Ball bouncing between two rigid vertical walls
(d) The motion of the mixer grinder

19 A particle moves in a circle with a constant speed. Its motion is
(a periodic
(b) Periodic but not simple harmonic
(c) Periodic and simple harmonic
(d) None of the above

20 Which of the following statements is incorrect about particles in simple harmonic motion? The total energy of the particle always remains the same
(a) The restoring force of always directed toward a fixed point
(b) The total energy of the particle always remains the same
(c)The displacement of the particle is maximum at the equilibrium position
(d) The restoring force is maximum at the extreme positions

21 When the period of a pendulum doubles
(a) The mass of the bob is doubled
(b) Its length is doubled
(c) Its length is made four times
(d) The mass of the bob and the length of the pendulum are doubled

22 Which of the following statements is incorrect
(a) phase constant of S.H.M. depends upon initial conditions
(b) All motions having the same time period are S.H.M.
(c) In S.H.M. total energy is proportional to the square of the amplitude
(d) ) All S.H.M. have a fixed time period

23 The period of a simple pendulum is measured as T in a stationary elevator. When the elevator moves upwards with an acceleration of 5g, the period is
(a) Increased by 3/5
(b) The same
(c) Decreased by 2/3 times.
(d) N.O.T

24 The length of the second pendulum on the earth’s surface is 1m. The length of the second’s
pendulum on the moon’s surface is, where g is 1/6th the value of g on the earth’s surface is

(a) 1 / 6 m.
(b) 6 m.
(c) 1 / 36 m.
(d) 36 m

25 if the size of a simple pendulum is increased by 1%. Its time
(a) Increase by 1%.
(b) Decrease by 0.5%
(c) Increase by 0.5%.
(d) Increase by 2%

26 The duration of the pendulum is 2 seconds. A spherical bob that is hollow from the inside
has a mass of 50g. Now, it is replaced by another solid bob of 100g with the same radius but a
different mass. The new time period will be

(a) 1 sec.
(b) 4 sec.
(c) 2 sec.
(d) 6 sec

27 Which of the following phenomena cannot be observed for the sound wave
(a) Refraction
(b) interference
(c) diffraction
(d) polarisation

28 What is the effect of humidity on sound waves when humidity increases?
(a) The speed of sound waves is more
(b) The speed of sound waves is less
(c) The speed of sound waves remains the same
(d) The speed of sound waves becomes zero

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29 Which of the following is true about the velocity of sound V in a gaseous medium?
(a) V∝ √density of gas
(b)V∝1/density of gas
(c) V∝density of gas
(d) V∝1/√density of gas

30 For which of the following waves, the speed depends on temperature?
(a) Light
(b) Sound
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) None of these

31 The velocity of sound in a gas
(a) increases by 0.61 m/s when the temperature rises by1° C
(b) decreases by 0.61 m/s when the temperature rises by1° C
(c )depends upon the coefficient of the shearing of the gas
(d) depends upon the pressure of the gas

32 The maximum speed of sound is in
(a) solids
(b) liquids
(c) gasses
(d) depends on the temperature of the medium

33 When a sound wave goes from one medium to another, the quantity that remains unchanged

(a) frequency
(b) amplitude
(c) wavelength
(d) speed

34 Which statement is correct :
(a) Both light and sound waves in air are transverse
(b) The sound waves in air are longitudinal while the light waves are transverse
(c)Both light and sound waves can travel in a vacuum
(d) Both light and sound waves in air are longitudinal

35 Sound waves propagate in a medium with adiabatic elasticity E and isothermal
elasticity E’. The speed of sound waves is proportional to

(a) √E
(b) E
c) √E’
(d) E/E’

36 What happens when a sound incident over a surface?
(a) All the sound energy is reflected
(b) All the sound energy is absorbed
(c) All the sound energy is transmitted
(d) Partial absorption, partial reflection, and partial transmission of sound energy

37 sound loudness depends on
(a) Sensitivity of ear
(b)Intensity of sound
(c) Both A and B
(d) N.O.T

38 The amount of sound energy flowing per unit area per unit of time is known as a
(a) Intensity
(b) Loudness
(c) Pitch
(d) Timbre

39 The unit of intensity of sound is
(a) Bel
(b) Decibel
(c) W/m
(d) W/m2

40 According to the Weber-Fechner law, the loudness of a sound is
(a) Inversely proportional to the intensity level
(b) Proportional to the intensity level
(c) Proportional to the logarithm of intensity level
(d) Inversely proportional to the logarithm of intensity level

41 The temperature at which sound travels in hydrogen with the same velocity as in oxygen at
1000°C is

(a) + 82.34°C
(b) – 17°C
(c) – 780.3°C
(d) – 193.4°C.

42 What is the change in intensity level when the intensity of sound increases 100 times its
original intensity?

(a) 5 decibel
(b) 10 decibel
(c) 20 decibel
(d)30 decibel.

43 The smallest intensity of sound that the human ear can detect is known as
(a) Critical intensity
(b) Threshold intensity
(c) Minimum intensity
(d) Zero intensity

44 A person is listening with his ear against the rail for an oncoming train. When the train is
1.65 km away, how long will it take him to hear the sound of the whistle of the train? (The speed
of sound in steel is 5200 m/s. Assume the air temperature is 0°C)

a) 6.9 seconds
b) 7.5 seconds
c) 4.9 seconds
d) 8.5 seconds

45 A 320 Hz tuning fork will produce a sound wave of what wavelength in the air at 0°C?
a) 1m

b) 2m
c) 3m
d) 4m

46 Quality enables us to distinguish two sounds of
(a) Different intensities
(b) Different frequencies
(c) Same frequencies
(d) Different wavelengths

47 A man measures the period of a simple pendulum inside a stationary lift and finds it to be T
sec. If the lift accelerates upwards with an acceleration of g /4, then the period of the pendulum
will be

(a) T/4
(b) T
(c) (2√5)T
(d) 2T √5

48 A simple pendulum in S.H.M. falls freely with support. Then
(a) Its periodic time increases
(b) Its periodic time decreases
(c) It does not oscillate at all.
(d) N.O.T

49 A particle of mass 200 g causes an S.H.M. restoring force provided by a spring with
a force constant of 80 N/m. The duration of the oscillation is

(a) 0.02 sec
(b) 0.15 sec
(c) 0.05 sec
(d) 0.31 sec

50 To make the frequency double of a spring oscillator, we have to
(a) Reduce the mass to one-fourth
(b) Double mass
(c )Quadruple the mass
(d) Half of the mass

51 A particle is executing S.H.M. Then the graph of acceleration as a function of displacement is
(a) A straight line
(b)An ellipse
(c) A hyperbola
(d) A circle

Here simple harmonic motion MCQs End.

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