Best Physics MCQs Class 9th Chapter 1 With Answers

Physics MCQs Class 9th

Physics MCQs For Class 9 With Answers pdf Sindh Board

If you are a student of class 9 and you are looking for a Physics MCQs class 9th then you are right place here you can are best physics MCQs for class 9 with answers pdf Sindh board. These are made for Sindh Board students and are great for practicing Chapter 1 and preparing yourself for any test like NTS, STS, MDCAT, ECAT, and other jobs and medical exams. They cover things like Physical quantities and measurements and using them can help you learn better this is also chapter 1 of the class 9 physics Sindh textbook board. These special Physics MCQs class 9th will help you build a strong foundation for future chapters as well next classes if you have a strong base then you can easily understand the difficult topics easily. You can even download them as a PDF and find all the answers. This makes it easy to study whenever you want. These physics chapter 1 MCQs class 9 will boost your confidence and help you do well in your tests. Explore for MCQs.

Physics Chapter 1 MCQs Class 9 Let’s Get Started

1) What is the unit of distance in the International System of Units (SI)?
A) Meter
B) Kilogram
C) Second
D) Ampere

2) What is the unit of mass in the SI?
A) Kilogram
B) Meter
C) Second
D) Ampere

3) What is the unit of time in the SI?
A) Second
B) Kilogram
C) Meter
D) Ampere

4) What is the unit of electric current in the SI?
A) Ampere
B) Second
C) Kilogram
D) Meter

5) What is the unit of temperature in the SI?
A) Kelvin
B) Celsius
C) Fahrenheit
D) Rankine

6) What is the unit of frequency in the SI?
A) Hertz
B) Newton
C) Joule
D) Watt

7) What is the unit of force in the SI?
A) Newton
B) Hertz
C) Joule
D) Watt

8) What is the unit of energy in the SI?
A) Joule
B) Newton
C) Hertz
D) Watt

9) What is the unit of power in the SI?
A) Watt
B) Joule
C) Newton
D) Hertz

10) What is the unit of pressure in the SI?
A) Pascal
B) Watt
C) Joule
D) Newton

11) What is the unit of density in the SI?
A) Kilogram per cubic meter
B) Watt
C) Joule
D) Newton

12) What is the unit of specific heat capacity in the SI?
A) Joule per kilogram per degree Celsius
B) Watt
C) Joule
D) Newton

13) What is the unit of electric charge in the SI?
A) Coulomb
B) Joule
C) Watt
D) Newton

14) What is the unit of electric potential difference in the SI?
A) Volt
B) Coulomb
C) Joule
D) Watt

15) What is the unit of electric resistance in the SI?
A) Ohm
B) Volt
C) Coulomb
D) Joule

16) What is the unit of electric conductance in the SI?
A) Siemens
B) Ohm
C) Volt
D) Coulomb

17) What is the unit of magnetic field strength in the SI?
A) Tesla
B) Siemens
C) Ohm
D) Volt

18) What is the unit of magnetic flux in the SI?
A) Weber
B) Tesla
C) Siemens
D) Ohm

19) What is the unit of magnetic field intensity in the SI?
A) Ampere per meter
B) Weber
C) Tesla
D) Siemens

20) What is the unit of inductance in the SI?
A) Henry
B) Ampere per meter
C) Weber
D) Tesla

21 The unit of mass in the FPS system is________
A. Kilogram
B. Slug
C. Pound
D. Gram

22 Which of the following base quantity-base unit pair is incorrect
A. Force-pound
B. Mass-Kilogram
C. Length-millimeter
D. Current- Ampare

23 If the Force and mass are taken as fundamental quantities then what will be the unit of acceleration?
A. Dyne/gram
B. Newton/Kg
C. Pound/Kg
D. None of these

24 What is the unit of temperature in the CGS system?
A. Kelvin
B. Fahrenheit
C. Celsius
D. None of these

25 Choose a correct statement
A. Force is taken as the base quantity in the CGS system
B. Unit of temperature in the FPS system is Kelvin
C. SI unit of displacement is meter
D. Current is a derived quantity

26 If the unit of mass and velocity is increased 2 times then the unit of momentum will_________
A. Increase 4 time
B. Decrease 4 times
C. Increase 2 times
D. Decrease 2 times

27 Which of the following quantity has no same unit as others?
A. Heat
B. Energy
C. Temperature
D. Work

38 Temperature is the measurement of__________
A. Hotness of a body
B. Internal KE of a body
C. Coldness of a body
D. Mean Kinetic energy

39 Which of the following systems has the same units for base quantities

40 The SI unit of density is_____
A. Kg/m3
B. gram/cm3
C. Both a & b
D. Slug/ft3

41 Write 6.37×10-3 in standard form.
A. 0.00637
B. 0.0637
C. 637
D. 63700

42 Which is the best example of a number written in scientific notation?
A. 0.5 x 105
B. 0.1254
C. 5.367 x 10-3
D. 12.5 x 10-2

43 5 x 104 ÷ 2.5 x 102 =
A. 2 x 102
B. 12.5 x 102
C. 0.5 x 106
D. 5 x 106

44 2.1 x 10-3 x 2 x 102 =
A. 4.2 x 10-6
B. 4.2 x 10-5
C. 4.2 x 10-1
D. 4.2 x 101

45 2.5 x 103 – 1.5 x 103 =
A. 1 x 101
B. 1 x 102
C. 1 x 103
D. 1 x 10-3

46 3 x 104 + 2.5 x 105 =
A. 5 x 105
B. 2.8 x 105
C. 3.25 x 105
D. 5.5 x 109

47 What is 4.01 x 100 written in standard form?
A. 0.401
B. 4.001
C. 4.01
D. 40.1

48 What is 0.000058 written in scientific notation?
A. 5.8 x 10-6
B. 5.8 x 10-5
C. 5.8 x 105
D. 5.8 x 106

49 What is 60.92 x 10-3 written in standard form?
A. 0.000692
B. 0.00692
C. 0.0692
D. 0.692

50 How many significant figures does this number have: 104,000?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
E. 6

51 Which number below does NOT have 3 significant figures?
A. 0.0307
B. 0.0370
C. 37.0
D. 370
E. 3.70 x 105

52 Convert 0.000780 x 10-8 to correct scientific notation.
A. 7.80 x 10-12
B. 7.80 x 10-11
C. 7.80 x 10-10
D. 7.80 x 10-5
E. None of the above is correct.

53 Convert this number to standard notation: 0.0120 x 104
A. 0.00000120
B. 1.20 x 10-2
C. 120
D. 1,200
E. None of the above is correct.

54 Round the number 9.9813 x 10-5 using scientific notation to two significant figures.
A. 10
B. 9.9
C. 9.9 x 10-5
D. 1.0 x 10-4
E. 1.0 x 10-6

55 The answer to the calculation below should be reported to how many significant figures?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5

56 The following figure shows a reading of a micrometer screw gauge

What is the smallest reading that can be achieved using this micrometer screw gauge?
A. 0.0001 mm
B. 0.01 mm
C. 0.1 mm
D. 1 mm

57 The standard of time is equal to
A. 1650763.73 Kr clock time periods
B. 652189.63 Kr clock time periods
C. 1650763.73 Cs clock time periods
D. 9192631770 Cs clock time periods

58 Units of energy is
A. Joule
B. Watt /day
C. Kilowatt
D. gm /sec2

59 Newton/metre2 is the unit of
A. Energy
B. Momentum
C. Force
D. Pressure

60 Which instrument is most suitable to measure the internal diameter of a test tube:
A. meter rule
B. Vernier calipers
C. measuring tape
D. screw gauge

61 Least count of Vernier calipers is:
A. 0.01 mm
B. 0.1 mm
C. 0.001 cm
D. 0.1 cm

62 A student claimed the diameter of a wire asm 1.032 cm using Vernier calipers. Upto what extent do you agree with it?
A. 1 cm
B. 1.0 cm
C. 1.03 cm
D. 1.032 cm

63 What is the reading as shown in the figure below?

A. 9.48 mm
B. 9.48 cm
C. 9.98 mm
D. 9.98 cm

64 In the following figure vernier caliper is used to measure the width of a wooden block

What is the width of the block?
A. 8.5 mm
B. 3.5 mm
C. 8.0 mm
D. 5.3 mm

65 The most accurate instrument for the measurement of mass is :
A. Physical balance
B. beam balance
C. electronic balance
D. spring balance

66 Digital stopwatches commonly used in laboratories have the least count:
A. 0.1 s
B. 0.01 s
C. 1ms
D. 0.1 ms

67 In which of the following systems of the unit, Pound is the unit of Force

68 Which of the following quantity is measured in Candela
A. Electric field intensity
B. The Luminous intensity
C. Intensity of sound
D. None of these

69 The correct value of 0°C on the Kelvin scale is
A. 273.15K
B. 272.85 K
C. 273 K
D. 273.2 K

70 1K is defined on the basis of which constant?
A. Gravitational constant
B. General gas constant
C. Boltzmann’s constant
D. None of these

71 What is the unit of mass in the FPS system?
A. Gram
B. Kilogram
C. Slug
D. Milligram

72 The Force per unit Area is called?
A. Work
B. Pressure
C. Volume
D. Area

73 Which of the following is not the unit of energy
A. erg
B. Joule
C. foot-pound
D. Watt

74 Which of the following is a derived unit
A. Unit of mass
B. Unit of length
C. Unit of time
D. Unit of volume

75 What will happen to the unit of energy if the unit of length and the unit of force are increased four times.?
A. Energy will increase 4 times
B. Energy will increase 8 times
C. Energy will Increase 16 times
D. Energy will decrease 16 times

Physics MCQs Class 9th

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