Basic computer science MCQs ( Data Basics MCQs )

Basic computer science mcqs

Basic Computer Science MCQs

If you want to challenge your basic computer science knowledge? Pak MCQs website provides you with Basic Computer Science MCQs are here to help you increase your knowledge with these Data Basics MCQs. Test your understanding of fundamental concepts Data related topics. These basic computer science MCQs are perfect for beginners and those who want to level up on their basics of computer science. Level up your Computer Science skills with our important Basic Computer Science MCQs these multiple choice questions will help you in your career especially these MCQs are more helpful for computer science, software engineering, and IT students they can prepare for any tests with the help of these Computer Science MCQs.

Basic Computer science MCQs (Data Basics MCQs)

1 A collection of raw facts and figures is called
A. Data
B. Information
C. Processing
D. None

2 The processed data is called
A. Input
B. Information
C. Data
D. None

3 Which of the following is an example of the database?
A. A phone book
B. Library catalog
C. Student records
D. All of these

4. Which of the following represents a collection of concepts that are used to describe the structure of a database?
A. Data we house
B. Data model
C. Data structure
D. Data type

5 Which of the following models is more flexible?
A. Sequential file
B. Random file
C. Indexed file
D. Direct access file

6 Which of the following types of files require the largest processing time?
A. Sequential file
B. Random file
C. Indexed file
D. Direct access file

7 Which of the following may be a temporary file?
A. Master file
B. Transaction file
C. Backup file
D. None

8 SQL is a.
A. Unstructured language
B. Structure language
C. Object-oriented language
D. Software

9 The type of files from a usage point of view includes.
A. Master file
B. Transaction file
C. Backup file
D. All

10 The type of files from a functional point of view includes
A. Program files
B. Data files
C. Both a and b
D. None

11 The type of files  from a storage point of view includes
A. Direct file
B. Index sequential files
C. Sequential files
D. All

Computer MCQs Quiz Test

12 A database is an organized collection of ___-related data.
A. Logically
B. Physically
C. Loosely
D. Badly

13 Which of the following are major components of a database system?
A. Hardware and software
B. Personnel
C. Data
D. All 

14 The objectives of the database management system include.
A. Database integrity
B. Data integration
C. Availability
D. All

15 The most commonly used database model in current database development is.
A. Relational 
B. Hierarchial
C. Network
D. Object-oriented

16 Which of the following data models has the general shape of an organization chart?
A. Hierarchical data model
B. Network data model
C. Relational data model
D. Object data model

17 Information sharing means that.
A. Information can be stored once and retrieved any number of times
B. The same information can be shared by different applications
C. Both a and b
D. None

18 Which of the following is handled by DBMS?
A. Data integrity
B. Data security
C. Data independence
D. All 

19 A program whose job is to store and retrieve user data in the database is called?
A. Database modeling system
B. Database management system
C. Both
D. None

20 In a database processing system.
A. The database applications s interact with DBMS
B. The database applications access database data
C. The DBMS accesses the database data
D. A and c.

21 The description of the structure and organization of data in the database is contained in
A. Data dictionary
B. Data mine
C. Structure query language
D. None

22 Information including tables name field names and data types is stored in
A. Data dictionary
B. Table
C. Fields
D. None

23 A request for Information from a database terminology is called.
A. Report
B. Letter
C. Table
D. Query

24 The printed or onscreen display of data in the database is called
A. Entity
B. Report
C. Query
D. Screen

25 The name for software to build reports that summarize data from a database is.
A. Report writer
B. Reporter
C. Report builder
D. Report generator

26 A collection of data that includes the name address phone number etc… of a person is
A. Byte
B. Record
C. Character
D. Field

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