MCQs chemistry class 12

MCQs chemistry class 12 are here – with the help of our engaging online quizzes and Multiple Choice Questions of chemistry, you can get high marks in your 12 class. Prepare yourself for upcoming Class 12 chemistry exams and tests and also for board exams with a selection of Chemistry MCQs focused on organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry topics. visit for more chemistry multiple-choice questions. MCQs for chemistry learners can get extra knowledge from this quiz this post is also helpful for medical students as well as job seekers. also, you explore our PAK MCQs site to get high-quality educational content.

MCQs Chemistry Class 12 Let’s Get Started

1. Which of the following is sublime?


2. Which of the following has highest lattice energy?


3. If the radius ratio lies between 0.15 to 0.225 then coordination number may be.


4. The temperature at which two allotropic forms co-exist in equilibrium is called as.


5. In NaCl, each Na is surrounded by Cl ions in the numbers.


6. It is an example of the crystalline solid.


7. Which of the following is an amorphous solid?


8. The quantity of energy released when 1 mole of the ionic crystal is formed from the gaseous ions is called.


9. Graphite can conduct electricity in one direction only, with this behavior, it is said to be.


10. NaCl and MgO are isomorphous solids because they have the same.


11. The crystal in which all axes and angles are different, is called.


12. BaSO4: 4H2O is an example of crystal.


13. With the increase in pressure the melting point of those solids increase.


14. Malleability is the property of ____ crystals.


15. The ice has a geometrical shape.


16. Diamond is an example.


17. Due to impurities the melting point is.


18. Which of the following are not chemically the same?


19. Irons acts as electrical conductor due to.


20. Ice is a molecular solid, and the intermolecular forces of attraction among its molecules are.


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