11 class biology MCQs Best for STS, NTS

11 class biology MCQs are here for you will Get ready for your biology exams and tests with this 11-class biology MCQs quiz of 20 multiple choice questions, This test is perfect for preparing for both STS and NTS examinations as well as BPS 5 to 15. Polish up on your class 11 subject biology knowledge by taking these most valuable multiple choice questions designed to test your knowledge in upcoming tests best of luck for the future. make sure to fill your Gmail in the email field and get results on your email with correct answers.

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The organism which cannot maintain its body temperature at a constant level is called.


The amphibia bury themselves in mud to avoid the low temperatures of the environment. This phenomenon is called.


Which one is limbless like amphibian?


Which type of fertilization takes place in amphibia?


Which reptilia have no limbs?


 Reptiles, birds, and mammals are called.


Which is the first group of vertebrates fully adapted for life on dry places on land?


Salamander is a.


Which of the following belongs to class reptilia?


Which of the following is poikilotherms?


Which of the following are not found in snakes.


Which of the following are found in sea water.


Which one of the following largest reptiles is found in a small numbers in Pakistan?


Which one are the characteristics of a bird?


The character found only in birds is.


Which of the following is an example of a ratite bird?


EMU and cassowary are mostly found in.


Which one of the following is Among the most beautiful birds of Pakistan.


Homo sapiens is the scientific name of.


Which one is the mammal?


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