Best Class 11 Biology Chapter 7 MCQs Kingdom Protoctista MCQs

Class 11 Biology Chapter 7 MCQs

Class 11 Biology Chapter 7 MCQs Kingdom Protoctista MCQs

Class 11 Biology Chapter 7 MCQs are based on the topic of Kingdom Protoctista MCQs, which is covered in the 7th chapter of the Biology Sindh textbook board for 11th-grade students. The Kingdom Protoctista is a diverse group of eukaryotic organisms that are unicellular or multicellular, with various modes of nutrition and reproduction. Here is Some of the important members of this group include algae MCQs, protozoa, and slime molds. The kingdom Protoctista MCQs Sindh board Biology Book chapter 7, in this chapter, is designed to test the students’ understanding of the characteristics, classification, and diversity of the Kingdom Protoctista. These kingdom Protoctista MCQs and other topics like algae MCQs etc are useful for students to practice and assess their knowledge and understanding of this important topic in Biology.

Kingdom Protoctista MCQs & Algae MCQs Let’s Get Started

At the end of the Multiple Choice Question you will Get the Answer Key

1. The most controversial group of organisms is included in the?
A. Monera
B. Protoctista
C. Plantae
D. Animalia

2. Protista is probably an _____ group?
A. Natural
B. Un natural
C. Basic
D. Ancient

3. Which of the following is a feature of protistans?
A. They are eukaryotes
B. They are unicellular or multicellular
C. They are aquatic and terrestrial
D. All of these

4. In how many groups we can divide the kingdom Protoctista?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four

5. All of the following are examples of Protoctista except?
A. Slime mold
B. Bread mold
C. Water mold
D. UIva

6. Which of the following is considered as fungi like protoctist in Kingdom Protoctista?
A. Blue-green algae
B. Bryophyte
C. Oomycota
D. Protozoa

7. Slime mold is a group of living organisms which is considered as?
A. Animal-like protoctist
B. Plat-like protoctist
C. Fungi like protoctist
D. None of these

8. Slime mold was previously considered a?
A. Plant
B. Animal
C. Fungus
D. Monera

9. Due to their diverse nature biologist regarded kingdom Protoctista as a ______ kingdom?
A. Monophyletic
B. Polyphyletic
C. Oligophyletic
D. All of these

10. Organisms of the kingdom Protoctista is divided into?
A. Algae
B. Oomycota
C. Protozoa
D. All of these

11. Algae are responsible for half of the amount of _____ being carried in the world.
A. Respiration
B. Excretion
C. Reproduction
D. Photosynthesis

12. Algae in the past were regarded as?
A. Plants
B. Fungi
C. Animals
D. None of these

13. How algae are different from plants?
A. Plants are terrestrial while algae are amphibious
B. Plants protect embryos in the female body while algae do not.
C. Fertilization in plants is internal while external in algae
D. All of these

14. Kingdom Protoctista contains which organisms?
A. Unicellular
B. Multicellular
C. Both of these
D. None of these

15. How organisms of the kingdom Protoctista are classified?
A. On their reproduction
B. On their excretion
C. On their nutrition
D. On their resemblance with other organisms

16. Which of the following pigment molecules are present in algae in addition to chlorophyll molecules?
A. Carotene
B. Xanthophyll
C. Phycocyanin
D. All of these

17. Classification scheme of algae is based on theirs?
A. Pigments
B. Chemical composition
C. Physical features
D. None of these

18. In which of the following habitual you will find chlorella?
A. Stagnant water
B. Pools
C. Ditches
D. Arid zones

19. Body of chlorella is made up of how many cells?
A. One
B. Few
C. Many
D. Different from different species of chlorella

20. Morphologically chlorella is of which shape?
A. Spherical
B. Cup shaped
C. Rod-shaped
D. Spring shaped

21. How many nuclei are there in chlorella?
A. Single
B. Two
C. Four
D. Many

22. What Shape of chloroplast in chlorella is?
A. Rod-shaped
B. Cup shaped
C. Oval shaped
D. Spring shaped

23. All of the following are not modes of reproduction in chlorella except?
A. Hormogonia
B. Aplanospore
C. Endospore
D. Budding

24. In aplanospores parent cell is divided into how many daughter cells?
A. 12-14
B. 10-12
C. 8-16
D. 10-16

25. Chlorellin is a very useful antibiotic, used in the control of diseases caused by?
A. Virus
B. Bacteria
C. Fungi
D. None of these

26. Which of the following is marine alga?
A. Chlorella
B. Paramecium
C. Volvox
D. Ulva

27. Ulva is commonly known as?
A. Halwa
B. Spicy lettuce
C. Sea-lettuce
D. None of these

28. The body of Ulva is known as?
A. Mycelium
B. Thallus
C. Rhizoids
D. All of these

29. Thallus of Ulva is very thin and has a thickness of _______ cells?
A. Two
B. Five
C. Six
D. Ten

30. Sporophyte of Ulva contains which of the following set of chromosomes?
A. Haploid
B. Diploid
C. Triploid
D. Tetraploid

kingdom protoctista mcq Answer key

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