Biology Class 9 Chapter 1 MCQs With Answers PDF

Biology Class 9 Chapter 1 MCQs With Answers PDF

Biology Class 9 Chapter 1 MCQs With Answers PDF

If you are searching for Biology Class 9 chapter 1 MCQs with answers pdf or other subjects multiple choice questions then you are in the right place this post contains multiple choice questions (MCQs) on the first chapter of the biology textbook of Sindh board and others board for class 9. MCQs of biology class 9 chapter 1 Sindh board cover a variety of topics, including the introduction of biology, the definition of biology, and other topics that are covered in the textbook. These Biology class 9 chapter 1 MCQs with answers are provided and also PDFs are available You can download and access them anywhere and anytime you can prepare yourself easily without wasting time for your upcoming test or exam. With the help of these questions, students can learn about the different ways to ask MCQS questions on the Entry test. Mdcat, PMC PMDC, and other medical colleges and universities entrance tests. biology class 9 chapter 1 MCQs are also useful for teachers who are looking for questions to use in their classrooms. All questions have answers.

Biology Class 9 Chapter 1 MCQs With Answers

1# The Color of flowers in the mustard plant
A. Green
B. Yellow
C. White
D. Brown

2# Volvox is
A. Unicellular life
B. Multicellular life
C. Colonial life
D. None of these

3# Frog is
A. Terrestrial life
B. Aquatic life
C. Amphibious life
D. Air life

4# This is absent in the frog
A. Head
B. Tongue
C. Neck
D. Trunk

5# Length of the mustard plant
A. 1 m
B. 2 m
C. 3 m
D. 4 m

6# Reproductive part is
A. Leaves
B. Root
C. Flower
D. Stem

7# Water absorbing part in plants is
A. Stem
B. Root
C. Leaves
D. Flower

8# Volvox lives in
A. Land
B. Mud
C. Soil
D. Water

9# Vlovox is
A. Plant
B. Animal
C. Fungus
D. Algae

10# Human is
A. Organism
B. Organ system
C. Organ
D. Cell

11# Biological problems can be related with
A. Food
B. Water
C. Health

D. AoT

Class 11 Biology MCQs Chapter Wise

12# Observation is just
A. Diagnosis
B. Treatment
C. Statement: Tentative
D. Non

13# The Biological method is the solution to life problems by
A. Instruments
B. Medicines
C. Systematic way
D. AoT

14# Algae means
A. Sea wave
B. Sea seed
C. Seaweed
D. Sea waste

15# Amoebae moves due to interconversion of
A. Pseudopodia
B. Cell membrane
C. Food
D. Sol/gel

16# The study of algae is called
A. Phycology
B. Mycology
C. Physiology
D. N.O.T

17# Reproduction in unicellular animals like an amoeba is
A. Fusion
B. Fission
C. Fragmentation
D. Non

18# Volvox (family name)

A. Algae
B. Fungi
C. Volvoxacae
D. Non

19# Algae is
A. Unicellular
B. Multicellular
C. Exclusive aquatic
D. AoT

20# Qualitative observation is by
A. Instruments
B. Eyes/ ears
C. Senses
D. AoT

MCQs Of Biology Class 9 Chapter 1 Sindh Board

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