physics mCQs for entry test with answers

Physics MCQs for entry test with answers are here to Test your knowledge of Physics. This is the perfect platform for the preparation for the entry test and job test as well as other multiple-choice question-based tests. you can Grow in confidence with your physics multiple-choice question knowledge as you work through this exclusive selection of physics MCQs designed for entry tests. PAKMCQs physics MCQs are important and provide fresh content for students to prepare for the entry tests.

Physics MCQs For Entry Test With Answers Let’s Get Started

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1. Which color of white light shows maximum spacing in Young’s double slit experiment?


2. The phenomenon of diffraction can be explained on the basis of.


3. Air film is used in case of.


4.  If a=p then the image will be formed at.


5. A lens that converges a bean of parallel rays is.


6. The focal length of convex mirror is always.


7. The distance between the optical center and the Principal focus is called.


8. The point to which rays are brought to focus is called the.


9. The centre of lens is called.


10. The line passing through the center of curvature is called.


11.  A lens thinner in the middle and thicker at the edges is called.


12. A lens thicker in the middle and thinner at the edges is called.


13.  Any transparent medium bounded by one or two spherical surfaces is called.


14. The space between lines serves as.


15. The diffraction grating is used to measure.


16. The typical wavelength of X rays is the order of.


17. Color due to interference in thin films depends upon.


18. Which of the following is not the method of polarization.


19.  For best contrast between Maxima and minima, the intensity of light form two slits should be.


20. Which of the following can’t be polarized.


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