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English Synonyms MCQS and English Antonyms MCQs are here to Improve your English language skills and vocabulary with these Synonyms and Antonyms MCQs with correct answers to all the questions also these multiple choice questions have error detection MCQs to test your knowledge. Boost your English knowledge by solving English Synonyms MCQs and English Antonyms MCQs and multiple choice questions has highlighted Answer. English synonyms and antonyms can be challenging to master – test your understanding of these concepts with this MCQ list, plus correct answers these Multiple choice questions are also helpful in multiple tests like NTS, STS, FPSC, PPSC, etc as well as Class Exams. check out more English MCQs

English Synonyms MCQS and English Antonyms MCQs Let’s get started

Choose the correct Antonym MCQs.

  1. Betterment:
    A. Decline
    B. Improvement
    C. Amelioration
    D. Application
    Correct Answer: Decline
  2. Imitate
    A. Resemble
    B. Emulate
    C. Ban
    D. Differ
    Correct Answer: Differ
  3. Prevent
    A. Prohibit
    B. Dampen
    C. Promote
    D. Wake
    Correct Answer: Promote
  4. Yield
    A. Produce
    B. Debt
    C. Welfare
    D. Advantage
    Correct Answer: Debt

Choose the correct Synonyms

  1. Pledge:
    A. Oath
    B. Breach
    C. Disavow
    D. Huddle
    Correct Answer: Oath
  2. Oppression:
    A. Democracy
    B. Affluence
    C. Despotism
    D. Penury
    Correct Answer: Despotism
  3. Discontent:
    A. Contentedness
    B. Equity
    C. Inequity
    D. Dissatisfaction
    Correct Answer: Dissatisfaction
  4. Outbreak:
    A. Calmness
    B. Eruption
    C. Decline
    D. Deterioration
    Correct Answer: Eruption

Note: Prepositions:

  1. Mr. Green is too old to work now, he depends on _ on his son.
    A. upon
    B. To
    C. With
    D. In
    Correct Answer: Upon
  2. she helped the blind man __ the street.
    A. Along
    B. Across
    C. Against
    D. Among
    Correct Answer: Across
  3. He was leaning _ a post.
    A. Along
    B. Between
    C. On
    D. Against
    Correct Answer: Against
  4. How many stations are there _ London and Oxford?
    A. Among
    B. Across
    C. Between
    D. Upon
    Correct Answer: Between
  5. The airplane _ at 3430 m when one of the engines stopped.
    A. is flying
    B. Was flying
    C. Has been flying
    D. Will be flying
    Correct Answer: Was flying
  6. Hardly had they reached the top of the mountain when snow _ falling.
    A. Start
    B. Started
    C. Has started
    D. had started
    Correct Answer: Started
  7. We _ the summer before last in Scotland. I have never had such a wonderful holiday.
    A. Spend
    B. Spent
    C. Have spent
    D. had spent
    Correct Answer: Spent
  8. Before Smith died in 1940 he __ ten plays and three novels.
    A. Has written
    B. Have written
    C. Had written
    D. wrote
    Correct Answer: Had written
  9. Since I had influenza last December, I __ been very well.
    A. Have not felt
    B. Has not felt
    C. Had not felt
    D. Have not felt
    Correct Answer: Have not felt

Note: Error Detection:

  1. We had not been waiting long When our friends appear.
    A. had
    B. waiting
    C. When
    D. appear
    Correct Answer: appear
  2. While we were staying in the country our hotel caught fire.
    A. While
    B. Staying
    C. Our
    D. Cached
    Correct Answer: Cached
  3. He had lived all his life in Paris since he was a boy and he is still.
    A. had lived
    B. since
    C. Was
    D. is
    Correct Answer: had lived

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