English MCQs with Answers for PPSC

English MCQs with Answers

English MCQs with answers are here if you want to boost your knowledge of English grammar, Antonym, and Synonym Error detection capabilities. then you are at the right place Our English MCQs guide with answers will help you boost every aspect of English grammar and get ahead in writing tests of FPSC NTS PST JST and many others test as well as these multiple choice questions are helpful for a student can get high marks in their class test. Check out more English MCQs with answers Pak MCQs website is dedicated to students

English MCQs with Answers let’s get started

Choose the correct Antonym

  1. Heroism
    A. Cowardice
    B. Boldness
    C. Prowess
    D. Designation
    Correct Answer: Cowardice
  2. Rescue
    A. Salvage
    B. Recovery
    C. Peril
    D. Rumble
    Correct Answer: Peril
  3. Loyal
    A. Unloyal
    B. Disloyal
    C. Devoted
    D. Failure
    Correct Answer: Disloyal
  4. Murmur
    A. Whisper
    B. Execute
    C. Accomplish
    D. Quiet
    Correct Answer: Quiet

Choose the correct Synonym

  1. Hidden
    A. Buried
    B. Apparent
    C. Distant
    D. Impending
    Correct Answer: Buried
  2. Crawl
    A. Rush
    B. Creep
    C. Drown
    D. Drift
    Correct Answer: Creep
  3. Drowning
    A. Douse
    B. Dry
    C. Distraction
    D. Alarm
    Correct Answer: Douse
  4. Panic
    A. Bravery
    B. Calm
    C. Regulation
    D. Trepidation
    Correct Answer: Prepositions:
  5. Did he agree _ with your suggestions?
    A. With
    B. To
    C. On
    D. For
    Correct Answer: To
  6. The letter B comes _ from A and _ C.
    A. Before, after
    B. In front of, after
    C. After, before
    D. None of these
    Correct Answer: After, before
  7. Don’t be careless _ about your personal appearance.
    A. Before
    B. After
    C. With
    D. About
    Correct Answer: About

Note: Error detection:

  1. I usually take the bus to the office but today I go by train.
    A. Take
    B. To
    C. But
    D. Go
    Correct Answer: Go
  2. Did she have many presents for her birthday on April 1st?
    A. Had
    B. For
    C. Her
    D. On
    Correct Answer: Had
  3. Although he has traveled all his life he has never been to this part of Asia.
    A. Has traveled
    B. Has
    C. Be
    D. None of these
    Correct Answer: Be
  4. Since you telephone, the party has ended and all the guests have gone home.
    A. Telephone
    B. Has Ended
    C. All
    D. Have gone
    Correct Answer: Telephone
  5. Have you __ to North America?
    A. Ever been
    B. Ever gone
    C. Ever be
    D. Ever had
    Correct Answer: Ever been
  6. Look! That man _ a red flag.
    A. Waves
    B. Is waving
    C. Has waved
    D. Was waving
    Correct Answer: Is waving
  7. Millions of men __ in the army during the war.
    A. Serve
    B. Have to serve
    C. Had served
    D. Served
    Correct Answer: Served
  8. The children _ are to visit the museum this afternoon.
    A. Is going
    B. Was going
    C. Are Going
    D. Were going
    Correct Answer: Are going
  9. What on earth are you doing? I __ such a mess in my life.
    A. Never saw
    B. Have never seen
    C. Never see
    D. Was never seeing
    Correct Answer: Have never seen

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