PPSC English MCQs With Answers

PPSC English MCQs With Answers

PPSC English MCQs with Answers – if you are looking perfect platform for your PPSC Exam preparation then you are on the right platform Pak MCQs provide quality educational content which helps you in exam preparation our these 20 English comprehensive multiple choice questions, clear explanations, and answers! Check it out for more English MCQs!
If you are preparing for the PPSC English MCQs then these basic English MCQs with answers will help you succeed on test day. This English MCQs quiz is also helpful for students and as well as job seekers to ace the upcoming exam

PPSC English MCQs with Answers Let’s get started!

  1. The synonym of corpulent is_____.
    A. Thin
    B. Fat
    C. Large
    D. Big
    Correct Answer: Fat
  2. The synonym of wed is _.
    A. Merry
    B. Happy
    C. Sad
    D. Marry
    Correct Answer: Marry
  3. The Antonym of vivacious is_____.
    A. Lively
    B. Dull
    C. Energetic
    D. Lazy
    Correct Answer: Lively
  4. Roger and Sheila came to Dover from London covering _ kilometers.
    A. 113
    B. 90
    C. 112
    D. 86
  5. They reached to Dunkirk by a __.
    A. Car
    B. Car ferry
    C. Boat
    D. Ship
    Correct Answer: Car ferry
  6. They had almost visited __ countries throughout their trip.
    A. 5
    B. 6
    C. 4
    D. 7
    Correct Answer: 6
  7. She doesn’t like pop music __.
    A. All
    B. All of
    C. Because
    D. At all
    Correct Answer: At all
  8. The prices in his shops are not mild______.
    A. At of
    B. At all
    C. Because of
    D. So as
    Correct Answer: At all
  9. I got into that trouble __ him.
    A. Because
    B. At all
    C. Because
    D. If
    Correct Answer: Because of
  10. _ I was tired, I didn’t do preparation.
    A. so as
    B. Because
    C. Because of
    D. If
    Correct Answer: Because
  11. She is late today __ her bus.
    A. Because
    B. Because of
    C. At all
    D. Due
    Correct Answer: Because of
  12. The opposite of Bleak is __.
    A. Cheerless
    B. Happy
    C. Cold
    D. Warm hearted
    Correct Answer: Happy
  13. The opposite of Aversion is _.
    A. Firm dislike
    B. Wandering
    C. Belligerence
    D. Adoration
    Correct Answer: Adoration
  14. The opposite of Brevity is _.
    A. Conciseness
    B. Shortness
    C. Detail
    D. Preoccupation
    Correct Answer: Detail
  15. The synonym of Adversary is __.
    A. Attribution
    B. Opponent
    C. Ruthless
    D. Anarchist opponent
  16. The synonym of condone is _.
    A. Overburden
    B. Overturn
    C. Overthrow
    D. Overlook
    Correct Answer: Over look
  17. and Chaucer were the poets of English.
    A. Shakespeare, Middle
    B. John Milton, Early Modern
    C. William Wordsworth, Modern
    D. Gower, Middle
    Correct Answer: Gower, Middle
  18. The world _ has been taken from _ language
    A. Yacht, Dutch
    B. Sandwich, Greek
    C. Admiral, Italy
    D. None of these
    Correct Answer: Yacht, Dutch
  19. The synonym of embarrassed is __.
    A. Happy
    B. Respectful
    C. Ashamed
    D. Non of these
    Correct Answer: Ashamed
  20. The synonym of unprecedented is _.
    A. Easy
    B. Valueless
    C. Proudly
    D. Unique
    Correct Answer: Unique

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