GK MCQs with answers about World

GK MCQs with answers about World

GK MCQs with Answers – General knowledge about the world is more important for every person than everyone needs an informational platform then PAK MCQs is the right place for you Get ready for your exams with this complete package to GK MCQs with answers to Prepare for success and score top marks on your upcoming general knowledge exams. Not sure where to start studying for your upcoming general knowledge exams and job tests then Check out our guide to GK MCQs with answers Exam and STS jobs test season is here to sharpen up your GK skills with these gk MCQs, featuring answers that are sure to help you ace the test. These 25 general knowledge MCQs increase your knowledge about the world so test your knowledge with this GK MCQs quiz.

GK MCQs with answers let’s get started

  1. The second largest ocean in the world is
    a. Indian ocean
    b. Atlantic ocean
    c. pacific ocean
    d. Arctic Ocean
    Correct Answer: Atlantic ocean
  2. Water covers about _ of the earth’s surface.
    a. 95%
    b. 85%
    c. 75%
    d. 70%
    e. 65%
    Correct Answer: 70%
  3. The paper we use in fax machines is called
    a. Glaze paper
    b. stamp paper
    c. Herbal paper
    d. Thermal paper
    Correct Answer: Thermal paper
  4. Who invented the bulb?
    a. Robert
    b. Edison
    c. Finlay morris
    Correct Answer: Edison
  5. The capital city of South Sudan is
    a. Kinshasa
    b. Rabat
    c. Juba
    d. Khartoum
    Correct Answer: Juba
  6. The height of Nanga Parbat is
    a. 8606
    b. 8711
    c. 8261
    d. 8125
    Correct Answer: 8125
  7. The E.C.O was founded in
    a. 1970
    b. 1975
    c. 1980
    d. 1985
    Correct Answer: 1985
  8. The organization of non-aliened countries is called
    a. OIC
    b. NAM
    c. NATO
    Correct Answer: NAM
  9. The total number of members of OIC are
    a. 55
    b. 65
    c. 57
    d. 56
    Correct Answer: 57
  10. The administrative center of OIC is situated in
    a. Tehran
    b. Rabat
    c. Damascus
    d. Jeddah
    Correct Answer: Jeddah
  11. where is the headquarter of OPEC?
    a. Geneva
    b. Vienna
    c. Havana
    d. Riyadh
    Correct Answer: Vienna
  12. There are __ member states of E.U.
    a. 27
    b. 28
    c. 25
    d. 26
    Correct Answer: 28
  13. Gulf cooperation council of __ members states.
    a. 5
    b. 4
    c. 3
    d. 6
    Correct Answer: 6
  14. Which country is the current FIFA football world cup champion?
    a. Brazil
    b. Qatar
    c. France
    d. Argentina
    Correct Answer: Argentina
  15. Which of the following is a landlocked country?
    a. Nigeria
    b. Kenya
    c. Srilanka
    d. Uganda
    Correct Answer: Uganda
  16. Tahrir square is situated in
    a. Rabat
    b. Tehran
    c. Cairo
    d. Istanbul
    Correct Answer: Cairo
  17. Benghazi is a city in
    a. Iraq
    b. Syria
    c. Morocco
    d. Libya
    Correct Answer: Libya
  18. River Nile originates from
    a. lake Nyasa
    b. Cherangany Mountains
    c. Lake victoria
    d. Springs in Kenya
    Correct Answer: lake victoria
  19. Greenwich is located in
    A. Greenland
    b. England
    c. Holland
    d. France
    Correct Answer: England
  20. Canton is a city in
    a. Thailand
    b. Germany
    c. China
    d. South Korea
    Correct Answer: china
  21. Indonesia and Malaysia are separated by
    a. Inaccessible mountains
    b. Gulf of Malaya
    c. Malacca strait
    d. none of these
    Correct Answer: Malacca strait
  22. The capital of Zimbabwe is
    a. Harare
    b. Seoul
    c. Pretoria
    d. None of these
    Correct Answer: Harare
  23. Myanmar is the new name of
    a. Cambodia
    b. Burma
    c. Ceylon
    d. none of these
    Correct Answer: Burma
  24. Morocco and Spain are separated by
    a. Pyrenees Hills
    b. Alps
    c. Strait of Gibraltar
    d. River Rhine
    Correct Answer: Strait of Gibraltar
  25. The apex elected body in Israel is called
    a. Parliament
    b. Congress
    c. Knesset
    d. Shura
    Correct Answer: Knesset

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