Gk MCQs about Pakistan with answers 2023

Gk MCQs about Pakistan with answers
Gk MCQs about Pakistan with answers

Gk MCQs about Pakistan – If you are looking for Gk MCQs about Pakistan then you are on the correct platform here PAK MCQs s provides quality educational content that helps Job seekers as well as students. Here are the best Pakistan general knowledge MCQs to Test your knowledge about Pakistan’s history and culture with this collection of general knowledge MCQs about Pakistan with answers. Challenge yourself now to get ready for upcoming exams so prepare yourself with these Pakistan general knowledge MCQs with answers

Gk MCQs about Pakistan with Answers

  1. who inaugurated the State Bank of Pakistan?
    a. Quaid e Azam
    b. Malik Ghulam Muhammad
    c. Liaquat Ali khan
    d. Allama muhammad Iqbal
    correct Answer: Quaid-e-Azam
  2. The biggest Airbase of Pakitan is located in
    a. Qadirabad
    b. Qalat
    c. Sargodha
    d. Lahore
    correct Answer: Sargodha
  3. The biggest Natural Gas producing area of Pakistan.
    a. Karachi
    b. Lahore
    c. Sui
    d. Qalat
    correct Answer: Sui
  4. The national code of Pakistan is
    a. PAK
    b. PK
    c. PAK 1
    d. All of them
    correct Answer: PK
  5. In which of the following cities the first dry port of Pakistan is located?
    a. Multan
    b. Peshawar
    c. Lahore
    d. Faisalabad
    correct Answer: Lahore
  6. The common value among the people of Pakistan is
    a. Dress
    b. Language
    c. Habits
    d. Islam
    correct Answer: Islam
  7. Mirpur is a famous city of
    a. Sindh
    b. KPK
    c. Azad Kashmir
    d. Punjab
    correct Answer: Azad Kashmir
  8. Who was the founder of the Slave Empire of Muslim India?
    a. Mehmood Ghazanavi
    b. Shahb-U-Din Ghouri
    c. Qutab-ud-din Aibak
    d. none of them
    correct Answer: Qutab-ud-din Aibak
  9. Pakistan’s biggest and most powerful Radio Station is
    a. Lahore
    b. Karachi
    c. Islamabad
    d. Multan
    correct Answer: Islamabad
  10. which of the following provinces has the highest literacy rate?
    a. KPK
    b. Sindh
    c. Punjab
    d. Balochistan
    correct Answer: Punjab
  11. Kohat Tunnel Project was completed with the financial aid of
    a. Japan
    b. US
    c. India
    d. china
    correct Answer: Japan
  12. the study of the science of population is called
    a. biography
    b. Demography
    c. Bibliography
    d. All of them
    correct Answer: Demography
  13. The minimum number of people populated in one square kilometer of area are in
    a. Sindh
    b. Punjab
    c. KPK
    d. Balochistan
    correct Answer: Balochistan
  14. Identify the first Pakistani who reached the south pole
    a. Mrs. Tasleem Aslam
    b. NAheeda Mehboob Ellahi
    c. NAmira Saleem
    d. Nazir Sabir’s
    correct Answer: Namira Saleem
  15. The family planning program in Pakistan was started in
    a. 1950
    b. 1952
    c. 1980
    d. 1992
    correct Answer:1952
  16. Which division of Punjab produces the maximum sugarcane crop?
    a. Sargodha Division
    b. Multan Division
    c. Sheikhupura Division
    d. Sahiwal Division
    correct Answer: Multan
  17. What percentage of the population of Pakistan is under the age of 15?
    a. 39%
    b. 405
    c. 55%
    d. 45%
    correct Answer: 45%
  18. Identify the largest cantonment of Pakistan
    a. Kharian Cantt
    b. Quetta Cantt
    c. Okara Cantt
    d. Karachi Cantt
    correct Answer: Kharian Cantt
  19. Shakarparrian is situated in
    a. Islamabad
    b. Karachi
    c. Quetta
    d. Lahore
    correct Answer: Islamabad
  20. Identify the official news Agency of Pakistan
    a. IPP
    b. APP
    c. PPI
    d. PPA
    correct Answer: App

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