Chemistry MCQS TEST SPSC Sindh Public Service commission SST bps 16 test preparation

  1. What is the primary component of white phosphorus?
    a) Phosphorus hexachloride
    b) Phosphorus pentoxide
    c) Phosphorus trichloride
    d) Phosphorus pentasulfide
    Correct Answer: b) Phosphorus pentoxide

2. Which element is used to moderate nuclear reactions in a nuclear reactor?
a) Uranium
b) Thorium
c) Neptunium
d) Graphite
Correct Answer: d) Graphite

3. What is the chemical formula of common table salt?
a) NaCl2
b) Na2SO4
c) NaCl
d) Na2CO3
Correct Answer: c) NaCl

4. Which gas is responsible for the green color in fireworks displays?
a) Oxygen
b) Helium
c) Nitrogen
d) Barium
Correct Answer: d) Barium

5. What is the molecular formula of ozone?
a) O2
b) O3
c) O4
d) O5
Correct Answer: b) O3

6. Which metal is commonly used as a catalyst in the Haber-Bosch process to produce ammonia?
a) Iron
b) Copper
c) Silver
d) Platinum
Correct Answer: a) Iron

7. What is the chemical formula for vinegar?
a) H2O
b) CH3OH
c) H2O2
Correct Answer: d) CH3COOH

8. Which of the following elements is a noble gas?
a) Nitrogen
b) Neon
c) Sodium
d) Sulfur
Correct Answer: b) Neon

9. Which law states that the pressure of a gas is inversely proportional to its volume, at constant temperature and amount of gas?
a) Boyle’s Law
b) Charles’s Law
c) Avogadro’s Law
d) Gay-Lussac’s Law
Correct Answer: a) Boyle’s Law

11. What is the main component of natural gas?
a) Methane
b) Ethane
c) Propane
d) Butane
Correct Answer: a) Methane

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