Basic 11 Class Physics MCQs Best Guide

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Basic 11 Class Physics MCQs – Test your knowledge of Physics MCQs class 11 with this selection of multiple-choice questions. Brush up on the basic fundamental laws of physics and get ahead! Don’t miss this chance to brush up on the basics of physics with our fun, interactive physics quiz. Challenge yourself and test your scientific understanding for your upcoming Job tests, and university tests like CAT/BCS/BCAT and MDCAT physics MCQs These physics multiple choice questions will help you in every test.

11 Class Physics MCQs let’s start

  1. ML²T-² is the dimension of.
    A. Work
    B. Energy
    C. Torque
    D. All of these
    Correct answer all of these
  2. An alternate unit of kg m s -¹ is
    A. Js
    B. Ns
    C. Nm
    D. N
    Correct answer Ns
  3. One micrometer=… meter.
    A. 10-²
    B. 10-⁴
    C. 10-⁶
    D. 10-⁸
    Correct answer 10-⁶
  4. 10-⁹ seconds is called
    A. A millisecond
    B. A nanosecond
    C. A microsecond
    D. Cent second
    Correct answer Nanosecond
  5. 200000 has … Significant figures.
    A. 2
    B. 4
    C. 1
    D. 8
    Correct answer 1
  6. Which one of the following is a derived quantity?
    A. Force
    B. Mass
    C. Length
    D. Time
    Correct answer: Force
  7. If the reading is taken with a measuring scale whose minimum division is 1mm, then the correct reading is
    A. 0.2145 m
    B. 0.21 m
    C. 0.214 m
    D. None of them
    Correct answer: 0.214 m
  8. 0.0023 can be expressed in scientific notation as
    A. 23 X 10-⁴
    B. 0.23×10-³
    C. 2.3x 10-²
    D. 2.3x 10-¹
    Correct answer: 0.23x 10-³
  9. Which is not a base unit in SI units?
    A. Kilogramme
    B. Joule
    C. Ampere
    D. Kelvin
    Correct answer: joule
  10. The unit of force is ….. And its symbol is ….. Which is the correct pair?
    A. Newton, N
    B. Newton, n
    C. Newton, n
    D. newton, N
    Correct answer: newton, N
  11. Zero to the right of non-zero digits are
    A. Significant
    B. Not significant
    C. May or may not be significant
    D. None of these
    Correct answer: Not significant
  12. The sum of three numbers, 2.7543, 4.10, and 1.273, up to the correct decimal places is
    A. 8.1
    B. 8.13
    C. 8.1273
    D. 8.127
    Correct answer: 8.13
  13. The dimensions of the stain are
    A. MLT²
    B. ML-²T
    C. M°L°T°
    D. M-¹L-¹T-¹
    Correct answer:M°L°T°
  14. Which of the following is not considered a fundamental quantity in physics?
    A. Length
    B. Mass
    C. Time
    D. Weight
    Correct answer: weight
  15. One noon to another noon is called
    A. 24 hours
    B. One day
    C. One solar day
    D. All of these
    Correct answer: one solar day
  16. Unit of G is?
    A. Nm² kg²
    B. N m²kg
    C. N m² kg-²
    D. N m² kg-¹
    Correct answer: N m² kg-²
  17. ML-¹T-² is the dimension of
    A. Force
    B. Pressure
    C. Momentum
    D. Energy
    Correct answer: pressure
  18. Which is an accurate record for the diameter of wire when measured in a screw gauge of least count 0.001 cm
    A. 2.3 cm
    B. 2.31 cm
    C. 2.312 cm
    D. 2.3124 cm
    Correct answer: 2.312 cm
  19. One erg is equal to….. Joule.
    A. 10⁵
    B. 10-⁵
    C. 10⁷
    D. 10-⁷
    Correct answer: 10-⁷
  20. Circle of radius 4.5 cm its Circumferences are approximately
    A. 35 cm
    B. 32 cm
    C. 30 cm
    D. 28 cm
    Correct answer: 28 cm
  21. The physical quantity having the same unit in all the systems of units is
    A. Length
    B. Time
    C. Mass
    D. Foot
    Correct answer: time
  22. Which of the following is not a dimensionless quantity?
    A. Angle
    B. Strain
    C. Specific gravity
    D. Density
    Correct answer: density
  23. Units are Classified into …. Groups.
    A. 2
    B. 4
    C. 5
    D. 7
    Correct answer: 2
  24. A set of fundamental and derived units is known as
    A. Supplementary units
    B. System unit
    C. Complementary units
    D. Metric units
    Correct answer: complementary units
  25. A light year is a unit for the measurement of
    A. Distance
    B. Time
    C. Temperature
    D. Luminous intensity
    Correct answer: Distance

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